About Dave

About Dave? What about Dave? And who the heck are YOU?

Dave is just some guy who loves building websites.

Personally, Dave sometimes looks over the edge but gets dizzy. Looking into the distance is easier, but the detail fades. Looking inwards works, too, but darkness obscures and the light is too bright to contemplate for long. Sometimes it’s nice just to put a towel over your head.

Professionally, Dave swivels 90 degrees to the left, picks up a problem from the self-augmenting pile, rotates to an angle A at which to regard the problem, applies the solutions recommended by instructions B and C, then pivots X degrees to the right and deposits the result in an evaporating ephemerity stack. He then returns to the central empty position and enters aimless wondering mode until next actuation. The values of A, B, C and X are discarded.

To prevent an unsatisfactory outcome, the manufacturers provide a philosophical contemplation mode and a sense-of-humor mode, with a fall-back indifferent stupefaction mode.

Dave does this until the entropy factor finally introduces a permanent error. (That’s wrong.)

The system then hot-swaps a new component and does a reset.

All failed devices are recycled with fresh inherent defects.

While you’re thinking about that, you could listen to this:

Lovely Echos is a great album by the band Perspective Shifts, about whom you can learn more at: https://perspectiveshifts.bandcamp.com/

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