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One Hypothesis for the Existence of a God… In Less than 250 Words

"Cleator" by Yumi, published at

A rationale for the existence of a god, in less than 250 words: Many people would agree that there are five things that exist in this world: good and evil, love and hate, and intelligence. Many scientists agree that there are no laws of physics and no chemical elements that exist on Earth that did …

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About Dave

About Dave? What about Dave? And who the heck are YOU?

Dave is just some guy who loves building websites. Personally, Dave sometimes looks over the edge but gets dizzy. Looking into the distance is easier, but the detail fades. Looking inwards works, too, but darkness obscures and the light is too bright to contemplate for long. Sometimes it’s nice just to put a towel over …

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Welcome to Dave Café

The sherrif sets off down the neon road on a starry night... Credit:

Have you ever been on a treasure hunt for domain names? I have, and I recently stumbled upon ‘’ Occasionally, when bored, I indulge in the pastime of scouring a search engine for cool domain names. With the ever-expanding number and variety of domain extensions, there’s always a chance of finding a hidden gem that …

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