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Have you ever been on a treasure hunt for domain names? I have, and I recently stumbled upon ‘dave.cafe.’

Occasionally, when bored, I indulge in the pastime of scouring a search engine for cool domain names. With the ever-expanding number and variety of domain extensions, there’s always a chance of finding a hidden gem that hasn’t yet been registered. This time, I was on Namecheap, a domain registrar with particularly good search tools, and I was looking for an apt choice for a personal blog.

Now, why ‘dave.cafe’? Well, I have a soft spot for ‘.cafe’ domains. Cafes have played a significant role in my life. They’re places where I’ve spent many hours leisurely sipping coffee or some other beverage at a terrace table, in pleasant company, or just watching the world go by, or immersing myself in a book or magazine.

So a ‘.cafe’ domain feels like a comfortable and friendly place.

To my surprise, ‘dave.cafe’ was unclaimed. Dave is a pretty common name, and many ‘dave’ domains exist, although lots don’t have a website on them. Domain squatters snap up plenty of potentially-attractive names, waiting to turn a profit by selling them on.

For your information, ‘dave.com’ belongs to an American bank offering banking and credit services to the mass consumer market.

As for ‘dave.cafe,’ it’s now my personal corner of the web. What will it become? Frankly, I’m not entirely sure yet. It will likely stay a quiet, rarely-visited space, a digital diary for my thoughts and experiences, or a page for ad hoc articles. I’m not bothered if it doesn’t have much audience.

So, here’s to ‘dave.cafe,’ an open-ended adventure waiting to unfold. Let’s see where this journey goes, one post at a time.

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