One Hypothesis for the Existence of a God… In Less than 250 Words

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A rationale for the existence of a god, in less than 250 words:

Many people would agree that there are five things that exist in this world: good and evil, love and hate, and intelligence.

Many scientists agree that there are no laws of physics and no chemical elements that exist on Earth that did not originate beyond this world, in the greater universe.

As an extension of that, one could surmise that those five things – good, evil, love, hate and intelligence – also originated and exist beyond this world as well.

Let’s propose that goodness and love seek to cultivate and increase themselves, to procreate, and gravitate towards order and oneness; conversely, evil and hate seek to destroy, and tend to seed chaos, even to the point of bringing about their own final self-destruction.

So, existence would not seem to be governed by evil and hatred, because there would not be the overall order that seems to reign therein, and there would be no goodness and love.

Let’s assert that goodness and love can tolerate the existence of evil and hatred, but that evil and hate would never tolerate the existence of goodness and love. Goodness and love can tolerate the existence of evil and hatred, because goodness and love allow forgiveness and the ultimate redemption of evil and hatred.

So, one could believe that, at the core of existence, there is some kind of intelligent being instilled with goodness and goodwill.

Does that sound plausible to you? One person said, “Yes, it does give an argument for intelligent design; however, it doesn’t give anything that shows proof of it.”

Perhaps we aren’t meant to have proof – certainly not at this stage of humanity’s mental development – because that would interfere with our free will in our choices.

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